IGS Impact Global Solutions Inc. is a private company recently founded by Mr. Ahmed Bouajila, who realized that many industries and particularly the mining industry are somehow missing opportunities to make/save money and have to find fast track innovative solutions to their most challenging needs.  We positioned ourselves as capable of relevant contributions to many industrial sectors, looking for doing better in an ever competitive economy and fluctuating market.  We are committed to find out ways to help our clients to do it better!





Committed to solve and innovate, IGS Impact Global Solutions is a ‘just born’ company but of experience and maturity equivalent to the sum of that of its solutions managing team, think tank partners, associates and consulting and services providers. We have no doubt that together we will make it!





Willing to build with and around the largest, most diversified and efficiently net-connected group of specialists, engineers and scientists form all over the world, IGS Impact Global Solutions Inc. is relying on the freedom to think, share, and innovate in open world and minds. Accordingly, we will award and gratify our employees and partners, recognize their contributions and protect their IP’s. For us, it’s all about creating and maintaining relationships because people transact with people!




photo-1434873740857-1bc5653afda8At IGS Impact Global Solutions we are guiding our commitment to solve, innovate and efficiently serve our clients:

  •  We Do well what we are able to do or find out people capable of doing it, but we insure that they are going to do it well
  •  Each effort, task or project we undertake will be completed as though we have a vested interest in the end result and the growth of our clients
  •  We treat our client’s assets as if they were ours and we consider the project’s objectives, budgets and schedules consequently
  •  We work to our utmost to meet or exceed our targets and commitments, as we will never surrender when facing the most challenging problems
  •  We never hide or attempt to disguise issues, faults or shortcomings – such issues are dealt with transparently and promptly – We advise on any issue that we foresee as potential impediments to the project as soon as it is identified.
  •  We work diligently with client’s data, information and inputs and we protect them as they are considered key project assets
  • We deal with respect and comprehension and we do consider properly the client feelings and judgments involvement during the project execution period and after while





All relevant and valuable partners’ ideas are put forward to be challenged in a mutual and high level of respect with commitment to build world-class thinking talents  who have the skills, inspiration and motivation to advance and safely serve our clients over the target industries range.








IGS Impact Global Solutions team is committed to perform, consolidate, evolve and progressively spread to diverse engineering fields and project complexity levels. It is our strong belief that together we can build the future!