Muhammad Hasib, Ph D,

Dr. Hasib Ur Rahman holds M.Phil. Inorganic / Analytical Chemistry from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad and M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry from University of Agriculture Faisalabad as well as a Doctorate (PhD) in Chemical Engineering from Laval University.

Dr. Hasib Ur Rahman is a research scientist with more than 15 years of extensive research experience in multi-disciplinary fields including analytical chemistry; mineral assaying procedure and technologies; hydrometallurgy; corrosion electrochemistry; materials synthesis, characterization and applications; and catalysis. He worked on projects involving electrochemical corrosion studies, carbon dioxide capture, mesoporous materials synthesis, and heterogeneous catalysis. He is holder of two patents and author of eleven scientific papers published in prestigious journals.

Dr. Hasib Ur Rahman is skilled in project and analytical laboratory management, well-trained in figuring out a technical problem, finding a pertinent solution, and capable of working synergistically towards client’s shared goals.  He masters all the steps of Precious, base and rare metals solution preparation and element assaying by AAS and ICP OES.   He is currently leading the IGS’s analytical lab as chief of services.