IGS is targeting to be a Canadian leading consultancy group in the extraction and processing of various minerals. Our R&D activities target innovative solutions to tackle complex ore deposits, targeting to render them exploitable within the narrow technical, environmental and economic feasibility.

  • Development of processes to recover valuables from wastes, historical tailings and by-products.
  • Flow sheet development to beneficiate low and medium grade ores
  • Management of Pilot and demonstration studies to collect the design data for commercial plants
  • Perform Plant audit and KPIs improvement through: 
  1. Simulation and optimization studies
  2. Energy reduction in unit operation
  3. Environmental pollution studies related to mineral, metallurgical and chemical industries
  4. Basic and fundamental research to support the above activities.

Our R&D Planning team deals with:

  • Resource planning and implementation of in-house and externally funded projects for the lab.;
  • Implementation of intellectual property management;
  • Quality system management
  • Processing of various agreements &MoUs for implementation