Sample Preparation

IGS offer diligent material handling and sample preparation at the early step of the analytical services chain comrising : Crushing, splitting, homogemisation and pulverizing of samples. 

IGS uses the needed equipment and procedures to avoid issues with sample segregation, contamination and tracability.    

Communition Testing

IGS is currently offering key communition testing testing, needed for project studies and development cycles.  We can also work with other sub-contractors to provide the stae-of-the art testing in ore hardness and grindability assessment :

  • JK Drop-Weight Test (DWT)
  • SAG Mill Comminution Test (SMC)
  • Bond Ball Mill (BWI)
  • Bond Abrasion (Ai)
  • Modified Bond Comparative WI
  • Levin Test
  • Point Load
  •  Other ancilliary comminution testing requirements such as SPI Testing

Gravity Testing

Gravity separation technologies are attractive beneficiation methods, being the most economical process route for mineral recovery.  With a leading expertise in mineral processing flowsheet development, IGS team can offer a wide range of gravity separation testing options:

  • Knelson Gravity Concentration
  • Mozley Tabling
  • One stage and E-GRG testing
  • HLS testing characterisation

Gold Testing Capabilities

Gold cyanidation remain the most used gold processing technology.  IGS expert being associated with many gold processing scheme development and optimisation projects, can bring an added value to your project development and thus guide your testing program to be well suited to your deposit and earlier in the project cycle.  Our gold cyanidation testing capabilities cover the free gold milling to the most refractory gold bearing minerals:

  • Direct Cyanide Leaching
  • Carbon in Leach (CIL)
  • Carbon in Pulp (CIP)
  • Stirred Cyanide Leach – Vat & Bottle
  • Carbon Activity & Carbon Characterization
  • Carbon Loading for modelling
  • Heap Leach Simulation (COBR & Column Testing)
  • Oxygen Uptake Rate Determination
  • Lime Demand
  • Oxygen Enhanced Leaching
  • Preg-Robbing Characterization
  • Cyanide Detox and Destruction
  • Arsenic Precipitation

Floatation Testing Capabilities

IGS team has extensive and diversified experience in the flotation of various minerals and lab scale flotation circuit scheme development to support basic and complex basic projects.  Our Flotation testing services include:

  • Flotation process recipe and scheme development
  • Rougher Kinetics
  • Reagent screening
  • Batch Cleaner
  • Locked Cycle Testing

Our knowhow covers broad range of commodities:

  • Base Metals: Copper, Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Cobalt
  • Precious Metals: Gold, Silver and PGM
  • Oxide: Niobium, lithium, oxide base metals, REE, etc.

Hydromet Testing

IGS team is well experienced in hydrometallurgical testing and process development, being actively involved in many related R&D projects.  Hydrometallurgical lab scale testing involving all mineral acids and bases includes:

  • Acid leaching
  • Fusion and calcine leach
  • IX/SX separation
  • Purification steps
  • Chlorination
  • Fractional distillation
  • Ultrasound assisted leaching

S/L Separation Testing

IGS offers static cylinder settling rate and dynamic tests for initial thickener design and sizing. Flocculant screening tests are conducted to select which flocculant is most suited for your ore type.

Magnetic and Electrostatic Separation

IGS offers flowsheet development for iron, titaniferrous and industrial ores such as gold, chromite and tungsten using our magnetic and electrostatic separation instruments. The field strength of our magnetic separation go upto 20000 Gauss. Our equipment includes:

  • Davis Tube
  • Wet, High Intensity Magnetic Separator
  • Dry Roll Magnetic Separator
  • Electrostatic Separator

We also provide diagnostics and process establishment assistance for your current project.