IGS Impact Global Solutions is a consulting firm focusing on process and solution development, operation improvement and innovation in diverse spans of industries. Our business strategy is to put together the best of the practice, the engineering and the science world in a productive and cost-effective networking with open-innovation minds and problem-solving commitments.

We are committed to supporting our clients to achieve excellent performance by anticipating opportunities, improving processes and operations and securing savings along the production chain and project development cycles. All towards a strategic impact!

Our approach is to design Value Adding Programs that focus on the strategic domains with highest cost such as operation, innovation and workforce talent performance.  That is way we consider that doing business with IGS should not be of additional costs for your company.  We are working for you with a success fee-payback.

Our multi-disciplinary team of scientist and experts, with proven track record in many fields, will diligently reviews every step and domain of your operations in an adequate way that enable to suggest the most suitable optimization, retrofitting or design possibilities with short, mid and long-term impacts. We possess the expertise, experience and network to create tailor-made operation performance opportunities to help our clients achieve their full potential.

Trying to optimize the synergy around the offered product and service baskets and motivated by the unprecedented potential gain from a diversified solutions managing team, IGS Impact Global Solutions is intended to cover the following business sectors:


Metals & Materials