Opportunities Managers

Mina Daneshpour, M.Sc.
Geotechnics & soil mechanics

Mina  is a geotechnical and geological engineering with more than 5 years of experience  as geotechnical and soil machanics laboratory specialist with ZKJ Geotechnical & Environmental Consulting Engineers Group (Tehran) and more recently as soil mechanics laboratory technologist with Golder associates Ltd (Edmonton).  She accumulates practical knowledge of geotechnical codes, standards, relevant legislation, and regulations as well testing capability to according to ASTM standards.

Chiraz Khaterchi, MPA
Staffing and networking

Chiraz Khaterchi is a human development and human resources analyst with experience in HR strategic planning and leading organizational change that is aligned with organization objectives planning.  She has already finished her master degree from ENAP, Montréal, specializing in HR management and analysis.  After obtaining her diploma (DESS) from Tunisia in 2005, she has worked as adviser in the planning of professional trainee at the Ministère de l’éducation Tunisienne for 5 years. In 2009 she joined the Ministère de développement et de la Coopération internationale (Direction générale de développement humain –Tunisie) as advisor in public administration untill 2011.  She also obtained a master for international studies (Development cooperation) from Graduate School for International Studies of Ewha Woman University – South Korea (2013).                 

Nesrine Kout, M.Sc.
Hydrogelogy and Geochemical Mapping

Nesrine Kout was graduted in geo-resources and environment engineering from National Engineering School of Sfax (Tunisia) and has obtained her master degree in environment and technology sciences from High Institute of Biotechnology of Sfax (Tunisia).  Nesrine has developed skills in geological mapping, environmental mitigation, geotechnical, geochemical and geophysical site investigations.

With IGS and being strong with her academic and trainee experiences, Nesrine is putting forward the development of knowledge and knowhow around Hydrogelogy and geochemical mapping as well as environment assessment and mitigation procedures.

Elliot Rouleau, P.Eng
Geological modeling and Rock mechanics
Elliot Rouleau hold a Geological Engineering diploma from Michigan Technological university (2012).  He was acting as …. at Highland Copper Company where he was involved in geological modeling.  QA/QC sampling and field exploration.  He is running a master degree studies at Michigan Tech in the field of civil engineering and rock mechanics.


Hamdi Messaoud, Jr. Eng. M.Sc.
Geo-environment & Geochemistry Software

Hamdi Messaoud is a geological engineer graduated from the National School of Engineers of Sfax (Tunisia). His training in the first cycle allowed him to open up several disciplines related to exploration and technical mining, quarries technology, impacts of mines and quarries on the environment adding to petroleum geology field.

His research master at Laval university in water engineering was offered the opportunity to work in the restoration of Saint-Augustin Lake (Quebec) ,on the study of hydrogeological aspects of the watershed and the monitoring of the groundwater chemical quality  to identify the impacts of road salt from the highway – 40.

With IGS, Hamdi is putting forward skills and knowledge development in geophysics and geochemistry as well as conducting environmental assessment and restoration studies.

Wael Elkout, Jr. Eng. (TN)
Chemical Engineering Software

Wael Elkout is recently graduated from École national d’ingénieur de Gabes (Tunisie) in chemical engineering with relevant practical and industrial trainee experiences at Ecumed Petroleum Tunisia- Africa Oil Gas on design of the additional glycol unit heat exchanger, at Manar Thuna on the study of the energy losses of the steam boiler and autoclave operation, at Maretap Tunisia on the design of an horizontal separator and at Entreprise tunisienne d’activités pétrolières ETAP on the technico-economical study of a gaz treatement unit.

As opportunities manager with IGS, he is in charge of comprehensive process modeling and simulation tools used by the world’s leading oil and gas producers, refineries, and engineering companies for process simulation, design, operation and optimization.  IGS is offering simulation support with wide software range such as Aspen Hysys, Aspen plus, HTRI Xchanger, Pipsim, Chemsep, Allprops.

Hachem Agili, M.Sc.
Geospatial Mapping and Tooling

Mr. Agili obtained his master degree from Laval University in geomatics in 2015 and is detaining an engineering degree from Higher School of Communication of Tunis. During his academic career, he has developed skills related to geomatics in particular to remote sensing. In addition, his experience in the Water Earth Environment center of the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) allowed him to enrich his knowledge in developing geospatial solutions in environmental applications. Throughout this experience, his contributed to the setting up, the coordination and development of several projects.

His both academic and professional experiences gave him the opportunity to process different types of remote sensing data such as radar, sonar, lidar, multispectral and hyperspectral data. He has also an experience in UAV (known also as drone) platforms especially combined with hyperspectral sensors. The projects in which he was involved concern a variety of subjects such as mineral exploration, invasive plants detection, UAV based solution for precision agriculture, mapping of ice in rivers and management of flood risks.

Narjisse Amane, Jr. Eng.
Process Metrics and Mapping

Narjisse Amane is graduated in chemical engineering from École polytechnique de Montréal.  During her training periods she was involved in many fit-for-industry R&D projects where she has been mainly working on the design of recycling unit for multilayers plastic fibers (Prolamina) and on the scale-up of a separation unit designed for hydrocarbon generated by alkylation.  With IGS, Narjisse is putting forward the development of knowledge and knowhow around energy-mass balance as well as GHB and CAC assessment and energy and reagents recovery solutions within different processes.

Alaeddine Mezghani. Jr. Eng.
Mine planning Software

Recently graduated from Ecole polythechnique in Mining engineering, Alaeddine Mezghani is a dynamic and enthusiastic professional who is willing to build a carrier in mining, inspired by the potential opportunities that he depicted through his industrial trainees.  With IGS, Alaeddine is looking after mine planning software and is willing to  serve accordingly as a specialist in the domain.