IGS provides specific consulting services and support to Chemical, Materials and Minerals industries, delivering solutions in all steps of project development and along the operation and production chain.  Our team is willing to bring to your organization knowledge, know-how and solutions to allow you to make profit and remain competitive.

Our services include:

  • Solutions, Tools, Methods, Process & Flowsheet Development
  • Lab, Pilot Demonstration Testing Program Supervision
  • Prototyping
  • Tech-Watching, Tech-Sourcing & Tech-Solving
  • Valuation of IP and Patenting (VIP)
  • Due Diligent Review
  • Specific R&D Management and Collaboration Follow Up
  • Technology Transfer & Management
  • Start-Up & Ramp-Up Support
  • Operation and Project Auditing (IMPACT)
  • Workforce Talent Staffing (WTS)
  • Training & Coaching
  • Operation Problem Solving
  • Qualified Person Commitment and Technical Advising
  • Solution’s Financing Support and Solutions Development Funding (SDF)