Lab auditing and operation

  • Audit, review QA/QC practices and Interim operation of Cu-Zn plant analytical Lab

  • Preliminary study and base engineering for the commissioning of 1 tpd demo-plant, (hydrometallurgical extraction of SR)

Environmental solutions

  • Critical revue, LCA assessment and technology market study for patented process aiming to produce Synthetic Rutile from low grade ilmenite

  • Critical review and comparison of the environmental footprint of Titanium pigment production via emerging and commercial technologies

  • Overview of Process Gypsum issues and mitigation opportunities- The phospho-gypsum case

  • Critical review of emerging technologies for decadmiation of phosphoric acid and associated fertilizers products- Perspective of short-mid-term technology transfer

Hydromet Process technologies development:

  • Vanadium solvent extraction with focus on Fe/Cr efficient removal

Processing technology review:

  • Critical Review and project development road map. Nb-Apatite-RE-Uranium Project,   

Other recent involvement of key team members:

  • Due Diligence on the Niobec Mine for potential acquisition transaction;

  • Due Diligent Review of Titanium hydromet. / Pyromet. Processes and Technologies for Nevado resources (Titanium)- Review of Pigment specialty production demo plant records – Simulation of the overall process for commercial business case;

  • Radioactivity mapping of the rare earth processing. Mitigation solutions and feasibility of hydromet tailings (Th-U rich) disposal via backfilling;

  • Diligent review, ramp-up perspective and technical features and investment risks, carbonate lithium producer, flotation and hydrometallurgical plant;

  • Process development and process engineering, Rare Earth and Niobium Project (bastnaesite and monazite ore types);

  • Met testing supervision and review of overall processing and refining metwork for a Nb-Ta low grade project